Migrated to GitLab

Even though the new workflow was working well, I decided to move the repository for Indigo Spot to GitLab from GitHub. Why? Because GitLab provides unlimited private repositories free of charge, so rather than pay $7 USD per month for private repositories, I decided to move to the service that provides that free of charge for developers. I am not sure how sustainable GitLab’s business model is at the moment, but I am going to see how things pan out.

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Netlify and Hugo and GitHub. Oh my!

It seems that casting about for a CMS solution to this site has thrown me for a huge loop lately. In wanting to clear up extraneous subscription fees, I decided to cancel the hosting for Indigo Spot. I also did not want to go back to self-hosted WordPress (or any CMS) on AWS or Google Cloud. Since GitHub finally added HTTPS for custom domains to their GitHub Pages hosting, I thought that might be a good landing spot.

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The Best VPN?

After researching and testing multiple VPN services for my iPhone and home computer, I have settled on Mullvad for their dead simple account creation, extreme privacy, use of OpenVPN, and the ability to pay with Bitcoin. And yes, they are fast as well. 

Pardon the Mess

I have decided to use to host Indigo Spot. Please pardon the mess while I clean up some old mark-up and mistakes. The decision was prompted by the need to focus on writing and get away from screwing around with self-hosting tools and other backend tools. Time to return to content creation.

Liability, Reliability, and Safety

Modern information driven societies require constant access to their information. In the United States, the proliferation of devices that allow users to access content on the Internet, intranets and every network between has raised the bar for acceptable levels of performance from computing systems. Service level agreements have risen to a demand of over 99% uptime on critical systems and often even non-critical systems. Not only must the information be available, but it must also be reliable.

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