It seems that casting about for a CMS solution to this site has thrown me for a huge loop lately. In wanting to clear up extraneous subscription fees, I decided to cancel the hosting for Indigo Spot. I also did not want to go back to self-hosted WordPress (or any CMS) on AWS or Google Cloud. Since GitHub finally added HTTPS for custom domains to their GitHub Pages hosting, I thought that might be a good landing spot. I migrated the site to Jekyll and moved it on to GitHub; however, I was not pleased with Jekyll overall, so I pulled the site down entirely to mull things over.

I decided to revisit Hugo, and while looking for a good solution to use for hosting a Hugo-generated site on S3 or another static cloud storage solution, I stumbled upon Netlify again. It turns out that managing a Hugo site on Netlify is dead simple and integrated well with the existing GitHub repository. Within minutes, the site was moved and deployed on Netlify. It is now live again. I believe here it will stay for some time as developing the site with Hugo has been fun, and Netlify makes it so easy to update and deploy without having to add additional overhead or steps to my workflow. We shall see how long this can last.