Pardon The Mess

I have been mov­ing sites around and chang­ing back-end ser­vices for host­ing and test­ing out new CMS sys­tems along with flat file ser­vic­ing of web sites, so for the next lit­tle while, this site may be in flux and may look odd at times. Enjoy the vari­ety and thank you for your under­stand­ing.

Autumn Leaves

Crisp air and the scent of decay­ing leaves mark the sea­son col­lo­qui­ally known as fall. I revel in the thought of pil­ing leaves high and jump­ing into them with my son. 

The sea­son harkens the upcom­ing win­ter, but despite wishes for snow and sled rid­ing, I am in no rush for this to pass. Time moves swiftly enough. 

When autumn leaves, so ends another har­vest of deli­cious fruits, fun expe­ri­ences, and fond mem­o­ries in a year of laugh­ter, love, and growth. 

Words to Live By

Steve Jobs said,

Your time is lim­ited, so don’t waste it liv­ing some­one else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma–which is liv­ing with the results of other people’s think­ing. Don’t let the noise of oth­ers’ opin­ions drown out your own inner voice. And most impor­tant, have the courage to fol­low your heart and intu­ition.

Write down this quote and place it on your mir­ror, in your wal­let, and at your desk. Every day until you die, fol­low the advice.

Endless Possibility

Jonathan Gourlay wrote an arti­cle on Bygone Bureau, Being and Nothingness and “Minecraft”, wherein he cap­tures the essence of the Minecraft expe­ri­ence:

No video game before Minecraft has pre­sented the player with a world as sim­ple, beau­ti­ful, and engag­ing as a box of ran­dom Legos or wooden blocks or loose change or sticks or shells… toys whose only pur­pose is to soak up human con­scious­ness and light into being upon a human whim.

The sun is set­ting, so I need to get inside before the creep­ers come. Fear is essen­tial to action, after all. Life would be dull with­out creep­ers.

There is no goal, no point, no rea­son at all in this god­less uni­verse for play­ing Minecraft. But then, there is no point to play­ing with blocks either. There are things you can do with blocks. There are things you can do in Minecraft. You can find an elu­sive sad­dle in an under­ground mon­ster lair and use it to ride a pig. But you don’t get any­thing — no badge or nar­ra­tive or points to spend at an online store — for rid­ing a pig. Pig rid­ing is an end in itself. When you have accom­plished it, that is sim­ply how you chose to live your Minecraft life. Quit to title. You are your life and noth­ing else, pig rider. 

Even with the updates and changes to Minecraft, there is still a refresh­ing feel­ing and sense of excite­ment when you load up a new world. The sun is over­head, the land­scape is untouched, and the world is yours to shape. Simple, ele­gant, won­der­ful.