You are the star of your life story. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat among others provide a place for you to share that story with the world.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a bestselling author. You can read this site for proof; however, the bar for interesting material has fallen quite low thanks to these social media platforms.

While the inanity of everyday life may provide the occasional chortle, the inflated tragedies of first world problems are decidedly boring at best. There is no dearth of material on these networks, but there is certainly a lack of interesting content.

Don’t misread me. I love my family and friends. I care about what is happening in their lives. I’d like to think they care about me as well. Here’s the dilemma. Do I want to read complaints and trivial matters all day?

No. I’d think that they don’t want to waste their lives on it either. I gave up on social media a couple of years ago now.

Should you? Do what is best for you, but I have a recommendation. If what you are about to post isn’t noteworthy enough to phone your family and friends about, then cancel the post and come back when you have something worthwhile to share.

Better yet, only share things when it doesn’t involve complaining. Life is too short.