After much casting about and grumbling over speed and security and various other issues, it looks like WordPress is still holding strong as the CMS of choice. Whether it is due to familiarity with customization or the ease of sticking with it despite some of my recent irritations with it, I don’t know. I do know that I usually don’t like meta talk on the site, but here it is anyhow. On the topic of tools for productivity, I have read several posts about an exodus from Evernote, my note-taking, everything box of choice, and in my opinion, the alternatives are inferior.

Yes, Evernote has its problems and issues, but for me, maintaining original formatting is critical for the “notes” I send to Evernote, and I have not found a service that is as good at it, nor have a I found a service that has as many integrations to allow for seamless import of notes. Microsoft’s OneNote comes very close, but still manages to mangle the content, and the UI concept of notebooks and sections (which have limits on the number of notes in them) with tabs as well as the need to open a notebook and the lack of easy sorting of notebooks on mobile make it a failure. I realize that there is a push for search and that is a primary way I find information in Evernote as well, but I do maintain an old system of note and folder organization in Evernote that makes it easy to browse and archive notes.

After much deliberation and testing, WordPress wins the CMS contest yet again. If I can offer one small bit of advice to potential contenders in the CMS space, documentation is king. If I cannot figure out how to customize your product for my sites, then I will not cast about for very long attempting to grok it and suss it out. I am old and cranky. So are most other people although they won’t admit it.