It’s well known that I am a proponent of Apple products. However, I am typing this post on a Kindle Fire tablet. The non-HD, 7" model, no less. Why, you ask? One reason is to test the WordPress and Ghost editors on a small screen tablet, but another reason is that it is growing on me and has been quite a pleasure to use, screen pixel density aside.

Even though I prefer Apple products, I am heavily invested in the Kindle ecosystem with Amazon. Because of that, this Fire tablet has been amazing for reading. I still have my e-Ink Kindle Paperwhite, but I have been tearing through books on this device. I’ve tried reading on the iPad, but it seems a bit too large and even at the lowest brightness, far too bright for a dark room.

This device is not perfect, true, but I am enjoying it. I would likely enjoy an iPad mini. However, this tablet was $40 and is handy right now. I may write more about it later.