When the arctic air sets in for a week at a stretch, the body decides that staying indoors and curling up in the warmth of a blanket is the best course of action to survive the onslaught of the disagreeable elements. However, as a normal human being, the mind begins to wander as being trapped within the confines of brick and mortar, there is precious little to slow the onset of the the dreaded “cabin fever”.

Thankfully, Mother Nature has found mercy and decided to give a momentary reprieve, whether for the sports fans who are getting prepared for the Super Bowl (screw you, NFL, and your heinous copyright statements forcing others to use the term “Big Game”. I’ll call it by its name, and you’ll like it because it is free advertising. Perhaps people should spend their money elsewhere and let the National Concussion League die a slow, painful death of idiocy)…

Apologies. Where was I?

Ah, yes.

Or maybe you are the outdoors type who enjoys winter sports, but who needs somewhat tolerable temperatures to spend a few hours out on the slopes and lakes. Maybe you just want to go shopping. Whatever the case may be, get outside and enjoy it while it lasts, because I think the climate has one more nasty push in store before it decides to abate for the Spring flood season.

And while you’re out, why not return that overpriced NFL merchandise, because screw them. It’s an Olympic year. There are far better things to watch than that joke of a “Big Game” where the advertisements are more entertaining than the mouth-breathing announcers and well-compensated (albeit quite physically skilled and talented) brain destroyers.

Stay warm and be well.