I read eighteen books in 2011 and twenty-five in 2012. This is a good increase year over year, but I want a much higher total in 2013. I am shooting for fifty-two books by the end of the year. For a slow reader like myself, that is quite a challenge, but I believe that of I stick to reading one fiction and one non-fiction book simultaneously and aim for approximately 50 pages per book per day, then based on average book length, I should be able to come close to the goal, especially if I supplement with audio books. So far, this plan is working as I have read eighteen books as of March 1st, which matches my total for the entire 2011 year. I am still testing a couple of layouts and ideas, but I should be adding a reading list area to the site at some point this year so I can log what I’ve completed and post reviews when the mood strikes me.