Me, I choose to use Apple products. Some of the time. When I’m not using other products, some of which might be more to Stallman and Raymond’s liking. I’m familiar with the pros and cons of my various options. I understand my needs. I think I’m as good a position as anyone to know what products will serve me well, or at least a better one than Stallman and Raymond.

I’m with Harry McCracken on this one. I choose to use Apple products when they meet my needs and requirements. I’ve never been more productive or creative than when I’ve used Apple products. In a distant second, my Microsoft Windows-based personal computers are my next most productive platform.

Open solutions and platforms? While I use them effectively in the enterprise, I have found that I spend more time searching for open solutions than finding and using them.

If my choices are “freedom” to spend time looking for solutions, or “jail” where I have everything I need to be creative and productive, then assign me a number and show me to my cell.