Chris Bowler wrote about his schedule, and the need to carve out some more time. His idea? Steal an hour and a half from his sleep time each week day.

The experiment: I’m going to take two weeks and see how I operate on 5 hours of sleep per night.

That probably sounds a little crazy, but there are a few caveats. 1) This will only be for nights before a weekday, Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday I will sleep as long as possible. 2) I already happily exist on 6.5 hours per night (again, weekday nights) so it’s not a huge change for me.

It may work out well for him depending on his activity levels, but 6.5 hours per sleep each night is already pushing the body a little bit. I didn’t see any physical exercise listed on his week day schedule. Less sleep is usually accompanied by weight gain, so some mitigation of that may be necessary.