★ Ian’s Kindle

After considering for months on end, reading reviews, testing out the software version on the PC, Mac, and iPhone, and actually testing one out at a store, I finally purchased an Amazon Kindle 3G.
Here are some “unboxing” pictures.

The Amazon Kindle box

Easy to open

Nicely packaged

A close-up of the screen — No, that is not a plastic sticker on the screen, that is E Ink. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Quick Start guide

Quick Start guide opened

Kindle next to The Year of Magical Thinking — For trade paperback size comparison

Kindle next to The Gashlycrumb Tinies — The Kindle is about the same size, just as thin, and only slightly heavier. Wow!

I am very happy with my Kindle. Thanks to Frank Chimero for answering some of my questions about it earlier this week. As it turns out, I only tried to tap the screen once.