Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?

According to this article on a British study of music and cycling, participants were willing to work harder when the tempo of the music was increased during their workout.

As the researchers wrote, when “the music was played faster, the participants chose to accept, and even prefer, a greater degree of effort.”

Note that even though they put more effort in to their workout, the riders did not say that it felt easier. The workout was more difficult overall, but not unbearable.

As Tara points out in her article, it’s not as though using music to enhance exercise is a new phenomenon, but it is helpful to note that the tempo of your music could boost you to push that exercise just a bit harder.

I believe the music that Lesa and I use in our Zumba classes is a big determinant in how much I push myself. I know that our Zumba members work harder during faster songs. If you need some great music to accompany your exercise, stop by and take a Zumba class. I guarantee you’ll love it.