Life (A Spoiler)

I am currently reading — more accurately working through — the book, How to be Rich and Happy, by John P. Strelecky and Tim Brownson. While reading over lunch today, a particular bit caught my interest.

…[D]eath of our physical bodies will eventually happen to us all. I’m sorry if that news is a spoiler for you and you were unaware, but that is the way the game ends for everyone. You may be able to forestall death, but that’s about as far as you’ll get.

Double apologies if I’ve spoiled life for you.

Earlier today, I was told that a 27 year old woman had died unexpectedly of unknown causes. As I have spent a bit over 33 years of my lifetime, this was sobering news. I realize that deaths and funerals may cause all people to briefly reflect upon the fleeting amount of time given them, but reading the aforementioned quote after hearing of that death caused me to ponder.

You may think of life as a game, and as an analogy, that works quite well. The beauty of life as a game is that you choose how to keep score. For some, the score may be money, power, cars, while for others the score may be countries visited, grandchildren, books written. Also, you probably keep more than one scoreboard for life.

There are many tangibles and intangibles, so we keep track of those most important to us. Knowing this, are you happy with your scoreboard? Are there any scores you are keeping that can be removed? Are any of those scores necessary?

Whether intended or not, when we treat life as a game and keep score of its aspects, I believe we are missing out on the purpose. If the game ended tomorrow, how would you feel about your life thus far?

Be well.