What Matters Now?

That’s the question that greeted me in my e-mail inbox this morning. I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog via e-mail because I enjoy receiving the knowledge he has to share in short form on a daily basis. The posts provide immediate inspiration and trigger thinking based on Seth’s own experiences and wisdom from years of practicing in the industry.

So what of the e-mail? Well, Godin set out to do what he does on his blog, but in book form and with many contributors. Call it a crowd-sourced e-book. What’s more, is that it is a free download. Contributors include the inimitable Merlin Mann, the life hacker Gina Trapani, and the warring artist Stephen Pressfield.

Here are more than seventy big thinkers, each sharing an idea for you to think about as we head into the new year. From bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert to brilliant tech thinker Kevin Kelly, from publisher Tim O’Reilly to radio host Dave Ramsey, there are some important people riffing about important ideas here. The ebook includes Tom Peters, Jackie Huba and Jason Fried, along with Gina Trapani, Bill Taylor and Alan Webber. (via “What Matters Now: get the free ebook”)

Read more about the ebook at Seth’s blog or download the PDF of What Matters Now.