A Healthy Take on Time

This is a short summary based on studies that illustrate what the factors for success are in life. One of the most famous was the marshmallow test by Walter Mischel and, later, Joachim de Posada (Don’t eat the marshmallow yet). Future bias is shown to be the most important, but Philip Zimbardo provides an optimal time profile.


(via enjoymentland.com)

Perhaps I should explain that the “optimal time profile” he suggests is the one that is associated with success in life. Zimbardo has written a book on this theory called The Time Paradox. I’ve just begun reading it, but it is fascinating.

In the video Zimbardo says,

“Many of life’s puzzles can be solved by understanding your time perspective and that of others.”

The truth of the statement is the word ‘understanding’. Seeking to understand others and to understand yourself will make communication that much easier. Solving problems becomes easier as well.