★ My Upstart Life

It has been a whirlwind month for me. More than a month, really. Back on December 29th, I proposed to my love and she accepted, so I am now engaged to be married. Those who follow me on Twitter already knew that, but there you are.

On the career front, I began a new job this past week. It is a bit of a culture shock because I went from a small, private university to a large, non-profit corporation. Aside from feeling like the smallest fish in the bowl, it has been an exciting week.

To coincide with my new job, my body succumbed to bronchitis which I refused to allow to keep me from work. This weekend I paid for it, but the doctor was in on Saturday and thankfully prescribed some medicine which seems to be working well.

A lot of other events have occurred as well, most of which I am not ready to discuss at this time. On another bright note, I continue to age at the usual pace and my birthday is arriving next weekend. Yay!

Be well.