★ Rephrase and Improve Your ‘Tude

I happened upon Pace and Kyeli’s site one day while surfing my usual web sites. Their site was a lucky find because they’ve written some excellent articles on better communication.
I am always look to improve myself, so I purchased their book, The Usual Error, as soon as it was released. I’m now on my second reading of it.

On Friday, Pace wrote a guest post for Alex Shalman titled “10 Ways to Improve Your Happiness by Changing Your Vocabulary”. Here’s a snippet.

> I’ll tell you what you can control, though: your words. By making a few changes in your vocabulary, you can turn steaming piles of crap into 100% organic fertilizer. You can turn an inconvenient power outage into cuddle time with your sweetie. And you can turn obligations into opportunities. Words shape thoughts, and you’ll find that if you change your words for the better, your thoughts will change for the better too, and so will your life.

Head over to Alex’s site and read Pace’s article. It’s enlightening. It reminded me to check my mental dialog and rephrase for a better outcome and attitude.