★ 27 Commonly Misused Words

Brian Clark wrote a good piece over on Copyblogger today. He covers some common misuses and pluralizations (yes, that is a word) of words. I fear I am guilty of making some of the mistakes mentioned. I shall try my hardest not to make any of those mistakes again. One of the worst offenders in my toolbox is “hopefully”.

> ###Hopefully
> This word is used incorrectly so much (including by me) it may be too late. But let’s make you smarter anyway.

> * Smart: I hope she says yes.
> * Wrong: Hopefully, she says yes.
> * Wrong: Hopefully, the weather will be good.
> * Smart: It is hoped that the weather cooperates.
> * Smart: She eyed the engagement ring hopefully.

If you write anything at all, it’s worth two minutes of your time to read the post.