★ Thoughts on John McCain

Hayden Tompkins writes a blog titled Persistent Illusion. I’ve been reading her posts for some time now, and she continues to impress me.
Her article today is called An American Hero. In it, Hayden addresses John McCain and the trials of his presidential campaign.

Tompkins illustrates McCain’s patriotism well. With regard to the election last night, one particular point stuck out for me.

> It broke my heart to watch people boo John McCain as he attempted to end his campaign with a measure of dignity. Simply because he would not set verbal fire to the effigy, to the looming spectre, of Barack Obama as President-elect. John McCain deserved to be cheered, supported, and allowed one final moment of presidential statesmanship.

Not only the “booing”, but also a guy screaming at one point interrupting McCain in mid-sentence made for ignorant distraction to what was possibly McCain’s most eloquent speech to date.

The importance of this election is that it was a contest between two patriots, two men who truly want to change things for the better. No matter what the outcome, history was going to be made.

Even though times may be hard, this is a great time to be an American. Hayden Tompkins’ post is eloquent and compelling. Head on over and read it.