★ Election Technology

For those lucky enough to be in a district that uses electronic voting machines, you may think that technology has not changed much since the last election.
However, the technology showcased at this election was not something for voters to touch, but rather to watch. As part of their coverage last night, CNN debuted the first hologram interview on television.

Those in the information technology field have known about this for a little while (Cisco did a live demonstration of it), but to see it used by mainstream media makes it a whole new ball game. Imagine what this will do for awards ceremonies, televised interviews, and other events where many people from disparate locations must congregate.

As the hologram technology improves and becomes more affordable (35 HD cameras in your living room is probably not an option at the moment), it will not be long before video conferencing is replaced by TelePresence.

It continues to amaze me at the ways we can flatten the world and conquer the great distances that divide us geographically.