★ Get Indexed

Jessica Hagy has been around the Internet for some time. Most people know her for her site, Indexed, which has become a staple of Word Wide Web surfers everywhere.
If you’ve yet to experience the fun, I suggest you head on over and check her site out. I am subscribed to the Indexed e-mail feed so each morning, I get an index card in my Inbox. This was today’s.

How to Waste Your Life
How to Waste Your Life

In my case, I was headed out the door to my local polling location to vote, so I did not need the nudge or the reminder, but some others might, so be sure to get out there and vote and remind those around you to do the same. This is a big one.

But the cards are much more than simple reminders. This particular card triggered the old adage that my grandmother repeated frequently, much to my chagrin.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

So much did I hear that statement that it is forever ingrained as a habit. Thank you, Grandma. My vexation at the time was unfounded. Life is a little bit easier when we take action.

We are living at a time when one in twenty Americans are depressed. Unhappiness leads to a vicious cycle, as Jessica illustrates so well. The only real way to break the cycle is through action.

It may not be easy. Life never is. Action is worth taking, though. So the next time you think, “I’ll get to that tomorrow”, you might want to just get up and do it now, because all we have is now, and tomorrow may never come.

But if it does, you’ll have that much more time to live your life to the fullest.

Be well, and don’t forget to vote.