Tossed into The Deep Friar

Have you ever met someone who can manage to make you laugh with almost every sentence they speak? Someone with a natural talent for wit? Well, I have found a site whose author has the gift of humor.
The site is called The Deep Friar, and I don’t know what took me so long to find it. Friar has a spot on my links list now thanks to the laughter his articles have given me today, a day when I sorely needed some smiling medicine.

Here’s a taste from one of his recent posts with some thoughts on the Olympic games.

> If there were aliens observing us, they’d find this whole Olympic thing pretty funny.

> I could just imagine their report:

> “Every fourth orbit around the sun, the hairless apes on the Third Planet put great emphasis on which fellow primate can move between point A and B the fastest, or who can throw an object the furthest.

> Great excitement is displayed over the dominant ape who wins: these are awarded shiny round pieces of colored metal.”

And one that’s sure to raise ire with gun enthusiasts everywhere.

> The marathon is said to be the toughest event of the Olympics.

> These athletes run a grueling 26 miles in just over two hours.

> Compare this to the pistol shooter, who just stands there, firing bullets.

> Yet the winners in each sport get the SAME gold medal.

> (Boy…THAT seems fair.)

Yes, shooting is a skill, and yes, anyone willingly running 26 miles is probably a little bit daft, but really, I’ve got to agree with him. One is definitely more of a physical challenge than the other.

In any case, Friar has more thoughts on the Olympics and loads more of funny and insightful articles. Take a look and be sure to subscribe to his feed.