★ Are You Too Curious?

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of a muddle wondering how exactly you got there?
Do you sometimes forget to look around at the world as you pass through it?

Curious George Balloons
Curious George Balloons

I do, too. That’s why, as I’ve mentioned before, I carry my copy of Curious George with me. It is a reminder that we need to pursue curiosity in order to achieve goals. But that’s not all curiosity does. It maintains your sense of wonderment, as well.

When was the last time you looked up at the sky, or even just off into the distance? Not a glance, mind you — a real perusal of the horizon. If it has been more than a day, then get up right now and walk outside for a few minutes and take a look around. Go on. I’ll be here when you get back.

Isn’t it amazing what the world holds for us? While George is just a little hand-drawn monkey on the page ((And a feature length animated movie)), he carries a strong message for his creator.

Be too curious

You don’t have to be foolish and throw caution to the wind, but neither should you stop experiencing everything you possibly can. At the very least, when you’re washing the mud off at the end of the day, you can say,

> What a wonderful adventure!

If you are particularly forgetful, carry a reminder with you as I do. It need not be a children’s book. It can be anything — a memento from childhood, a picture in your wallet, a post-it note on your office door. What matters is that the reminder makes you stop what you are doing at least once per day and exercise your curiosity.

Be well.