Claim the Content

> “People should put their name on things — it shows your audience that you care about the content and take responsibility for it.” — Edward Tufte
This is a great quote and very important. Let’s face it. The habit of anonymity can serve as a safety net, but it can also serve to undermine giving credit where credit is due. Perhaps Internet fame can be similar to real life fame in that someone may end up being known by simply their first name, or Internet handle. Take iJustine, for example. Using your real first name is one step closer to branding yourself and the content you produce.

Other names that come to mind are Leo, Merlin, Gruber, and even JoCo. These people are all recognizable to Internet savvy users, but even so, they are becoming more and more mainstream. If you mention the name “Zuck” to someone who uses Facebook, they are likely to recognize the reference to Mark Zuckerberg, without whom they might not have their dynamic social network.

While a product does not need to be named after you, when marketing or creating anything, it is important to take credit and responsibility for it. You should strive to make ethical decisions as well, because who wants to put their name on questionable content?