On my morning commute to work, I drove past a church with the following statement on their sign:

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

Despite the fact that it sounds a bit platitudinous, I thought that it was a rather inspiring statement in and of itself. What prompted me to write about it was the reminder that it gave me of Rox and Shane over at Beach Walks with Rox. I watch every show, and if you haven’t yet, I recommend that you do. They make a great show and have a wonderful outlook on life.

What is more is that they share that outlook and inspiration with the world through their video podcast. Some days, I am given a new idea to ponder, others I get a bit of wisdom to file away, and still others, Rox manages to say something that addresses the exact issues I am dealing with that day. In addition to the podcast, Rox and Shane have opened up a social networking site called The Reef, for viewers of Beach Walks and others to gather and, as the tag line says “go deeper…” by expanding discussion of the episodes.

Oh! I forgot to mention, you’ll learn a Hawaiian word every day as well. Long story short, check out Beach Walks with Rox, consider joining The Reef, and meditate on life just a little each day in your own way. Be well.