27 Commonly Misused Words

Brian Clark wrote a good piece over on Copyblogger today. He covers some common misuses and pluralizations (yes, that is a word) of words. I fear I am guilty of making some of the mistakes mentioned. I shall try my hardest not to make any of those mistakes again. One of the worst offenders in my toolbox is “hopefully”.


This word is used incorrectly so much (including by me) it may be too late. But let’s make you smarter anyway.

  • Smart: I hope she says yes.
  • Wrong: Hopefully, she says yes.
  • Wrong: Hopefully, the weather will be good.
  • Smart: It is hoped that the weather cooperates.
  • Smart: She eyed the engagement ring hopefully.

If you write anything at all, it’s worth two minutes of your time to read the post.